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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Anti-Job Quote Of The Week 1

What of the western nations? Here, too, the technological revolution could provide the means of realizing the democratic concept of the human essence... It could, that is to say, by releasing more and more time and energy from compulsive labor, allow people to think and act as enjoyers and developers of their human capacities, rather than devoting themselves to labor as a necessary means of acquiring commodities. At the same time the technological revolution could enable people to discard the concept of themselves as essentially acquirers and appropriators. For, as we have seen, that concept was needed as an incentive to continual exertion of human productive energy and continual accumulation of capital. These incentives will no longer be needed. The problem will not be to enlist people's energies in the material productive process, but to provide alternative outlets for those energies.

C.B. Macpherson,
Democratic Theory, Essays In Retrieval

C. B. Macpherson - 1911-1987. C. B. Macpherson was a Professor who taught primarily at the University of Toronto in the Department of Political Science.


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