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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Anti-Job, Pro-Freedom Quotes Of The Week 68, 69, 70

…a common acronym: TGIF. Everyone in the United States knows what that means: "Thank God it's Friday." The majority of Americans don't just know what TGIF stands for, they feel it in their bones. That's a way of saying that a majority of Americans do work they generally do not like and do not believe is really worth doing. That's a way of saying that we have an economy in which most people spend at least a third of their lives doing things they don't want to do and don't believe are valuable. We are told this is a way of organizing an economy that is natural.
The Four Fundamentalisms and the Threat to Sustainable Democracy
Robert Jensen
ZNet Commentary June 08, 2006

Wherever he goes, Mr. Mangano, 58, who was director of the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, emphasizes that it is cheaper to put the chronically homeless right into apartments, and provide medical and addiction treatments there, than to watch them cycle endlessly through shelters, soup kitchens, emergency rooms, detoxification centers and jails.

"Cost-benefit analysis may be the new expression of compassion in our communities," he said at the Denver meeting.

Mr. Sena refused to disclose more about his history or use of public services. But in a study here, officials found that 25 men were taken into emergency detoxification centers for an average of 80 nights each in one year, at a total cost of $772,000. Officials have found that they can provide housing and most medical and other services for about $15,000 a year per person.
New Campaign Shows Progress for Homeless
New York Times
Published: June 7, 2006

The Old Guy’s Annual Labor Day Message
Bruce (Utah) Phillips

Hip hip hooray,
the eight hour day
potato chips and beer!
Go all the way,
the four-hour day,
the four-day week is near!
(The boss don’t care;
he gets his share,
and a mighty big share I hear.)
But who can scoff
At another day off
And potato chips and beer?
Well, tel the pol
We want ‘em all;
The bosses are up the creek.
‘Till they obey
a no-hour day
we’ll just take us a no-day week!


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