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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Anti-Job, Pro-Freedom Quotes Of The Week 81, 82

The standard by which the theory must judge the democratic quality of any society, and by which its claim that any particular society is democratic, must be tested, is how nearly it attains the presently attainable maximum, i.e. the maximum level of abilities to use and develop human capacities given the presently possible human command over external nature.
C.B. Macpherson
Democratic Theory

(emphasis JS)

... in the very near future our problem will be not to get people to work but to find something for them to do, not to make the most efficient use of scarce means but to start repairing the scarcity of human values that have been submerged in the struggle against material scarcity.
C.B. Macpherson
The Real World of Democracy

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