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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Anti-Job, Pro-Freedom Quotes Of The Week 91-96

Ursula Franklin, Prescription For External Social Control

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You see how the dominator mindset works. What they call the cure, I call a central problem -- I, and every person who truly values freedom and democracy.
Riane Eisler

Here is the crux of the difference between education and schooling— the former turns on independence, knowledge, ability, comprehension, and integrity; the latter upon obedience.
John Taylor Gatto

[T]he condition of freedom in any state is always a widespread and consistent skepticism of the canons on which power insists.
Harold. J. Laski,
The Dangers Of Obedience

Nothing is simpler to demonstrate than the dependency, in every age, of the official codes of morality on the class interests of those who possess the economic power.
Herbert Read

Those who rule the dominant institutions secure their power, in large measure directly and indirectly, by impressing their definitions of the situation upon those they rule, if not usurping the whole of ideological space, still significantly limiting what is thought throughout the society.
Todd Gitlin,
quoted by Ben Carniol,

Case Critical

Or take the large state research university. I am concerned about how the needs of students are systematically ignored and the needs of corporate funders are privileged, how critical thinking is squashed not by accident but by design. I am concerned about the illegitimate structures of authority that I work in and that compel me to act in ways against the interests of students. I am not optimistic that the structure of big research universities is going to change anytime soon. But I will do certain things to work against the structures.
Robert Jensen
School of Journalism
University of Texas


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