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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anti-Job Pro-Freedom Quotes Of The Week 138, 139

...since 1979, the share of pretax income going to the top 1 percent of American households has risen by 7 percentage points, to 16 percent. At the same time, the share of income going to the bottom 80 percent has fallen by 7 percentage points.

As the Times puts it: "It's as if every household in that bottom 80 percent is writing a check for $7,000 every year and sending it to the top 1 percent."
The Rich Are Making the Poor Poorer
Barbara Ehrenreich
The Nation

Posted June 13, 2007

The FBI estimates that, 16,000 Americans are murdered every year.
Compare this to the 56,000 Americans who die every year on the job or from occupational diseases such as black lung and asbestosis and the tens of thousands of other Americans who fall victim to the silent violence of pollution, contaminated foods, hazardous consumer products, and hospital malpractice.
These deaths are often the result of criminal recklessness. Yet, they are rarely prosecuted as homicides or as criminal violations of federal laws.
Corporate criminals are the only criminal class in the United States that have the power to define the laws under which they live.
Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime
By Russell Mokhiber,
AlterNet. Posted June 16, 2007


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