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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anti-Job Pro-Freedom Quote Of The Week 169, 170

A strange delusion possesses the working classes of the nations where capitalist civilization holds its sway. This delusion drags in its train the individual and social woes which for two centuries have tortured sad humanity. This delusion is the love of work, the furious passion for work, pushed even to the exhaustion of the vital force of the individual and his [sic] progeny. Instead of opposing this mental aberration, the priests, the economists and the moralists have cast a sacred halo over work. Blind and finite men [sic], they have wished to be wiser than their God; weak and contemptible men, they have presumed to rehabilitate what their God had cursed.
Paul Lafargue
The Right To Be Lazy

It is perfectly true that we really do enjoy ourselves too little, therefore take a particular pleasure in torturing other people. For instance children who are cruel to animals or to their fellows are always children who are tortured at home by the parents. And the parents torture them because they themselves are tortured—either by themselves, or by the grandparents. If the grandparents are dead the parents continue their bad education, and torture themselves—they think it is their duty. To do something disagreeable to themselves is their idea of morality—and inasmuch as they have such barbarous beliefs, they pass on to their children that unnatural cruelty—and then the child tortures animals, or nurses, or fellow beings. People always hand on what they get. So what children do is a kind of indicator of what parents do to the children. Of course it is all done unconsciously. That is typical Protestantism—that is inherited sin. They hand on these things to the following generation, and then they of course hand them on too. If people would only enjoy themselves, they would not hand on so much cruelty. Then they would not enjoy disagreeable things, and would avoid doing them.
C.G. Jung
Zarathustra Seminars


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