Jack Saturday

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotation 234

Save Your Breath
Arlen Wilson
Don't budget deficit me you old men with eyeglasses and no lips who say we can't afford to house the houseless or to heal the sick.
Don't fiscal responsibility me you devourers of the fat of the land may it clog your devious up-for-election arteries.
Don't balance of trade me you horny-handed peddlars of
shoddy shares in finger-crossed bonanzas based on
non-existent enterprise.
Don't national security me you who make deals behind our backs
under cover of law-proof dark.
Don't family-values me you who force apart man woman and
child in the interest of an ever-grosser national product.
Don't state of the union me you unctuous apologists for
quotidian horror may you choke on your aw-shucks-
just-plain-old-me charisma.
Don't pay your speech-writers one more cent on my account
or your column writers or The News Tonighters.
Epoxy in my ears before I hear another word.


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