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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 316-318

This is my every day.

Rejection letters piling up, all of them saying I'm overqualified. Interviewers saying, "You'll be bored here," "You won't stay here," or "You seem ideally suited for teaching."As the end of my unemployment nears, and I cannot even get $10 an hour administrative jobs to respond to my resume. All that education--I was so so proud--high school valedictorian and the first in my family to go to college. Top 3 percent of my college class. Countless awards, honors, fellowships, you name it. To grow up on welfare and end up at one of the top-ranked programs in my field in the U.S.? So so proud. My parents sacrificed and saved to get me through the PhD, only for me to return to poverty, saddled, no crippled, with 60K in student loans. A minimum wage job--which I cannot get--will not even pay the interest on them. I'll never own a home, I will never have a family, and as the days pass, it's increasingly likely that I will not have a job or roof over my head. It was all for nothing.
"Maybe you should leave the PhD off your resume..."
Posted by: maddy on Jan 28, 2009

Wealth is, and always has been,the by-product of creativity. There has been a war on creativity and the arts, in general, for most of my life time.The word art did not always conjure up images of dusty heads hanging in empty halls. It meant quite simply to put things together. Real Artists were crafts men and women making and trading needed, simple,useful and beautiful things.In order to create art, one must be allowed to question, to stare into space for hours, to tinker, to seem to be doing little else than imagining. These abilities are not taught or encouraged in our schools.Starting with elementary school, our children are punished and medicated for day dreaming, getting out of line, walking too fast or too slow, speaking with out permission and asking difficult questions.They are put in school board approved uniforms so they learn to value colorless conformity over creativity or individual choice and to fear anything or anyone different.This atmosphere is not conducive to creativity, invention or developing critical thinking skills.
Elementary change
Posted by: blondesprite on Jan 28, 2009

Down in the Old Dark Mills
By Joe Hill

How well I do remember
That mill along the way,
Where she and I were working
For fifty cents a day.
She was my little sweetheart;
I met her in the mill --
It's a long time since I saw her.
But I love her still.
CHORUS: Down in the Old Black Mill,
That's where first we met.
Oh! that loving thrill
I shall ne'er forget;
And those dreamy eyes,
Blue like summer skies.
She was fifteen --
My pretty queen --
In the Old Black Mill.
We had agreed to marry
When she'd be sweet sixteen.
But then -- one day I crushed it --
My arm in the machine.
I lost my job forever --
I am a tramp disgraced.
My sweetheart still is slaving
In the same old place.


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