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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 381-383

Abundance is scooped from abundance, yet abundance remains.

Steve Meyers and I have long discussed people’s resistance to visions such as Fuller’s or ours. It has been awesome to witness the general population’s intractable resistance to the idea of abundance, and for many years, Steve and I have beaten our heads against the walls of organizations that claim to be seeking answers. We have shown them solutions that make the big problems, the ones that threaten humanity’s existence, go away almost overnight, and what we get back is nearly complete silence and denial, or worse, derision. Dennis Lee discovered the same thing on his journey. That might be the most mind-boggling part of my strange journey, and I came to a new understanding of the phenemenon in early 2006. The vast majority of people do not even want to know that there are solutions waiting to be used, and those who say they seek solutions are often the biggest obstacles to achieving them. What follows are our speculations, based on our experiences, on why most of humanity does not want to solve its problems.

Fuller stated that for virtually the entirety of human history, only one-in-one-thousand people lived to a ripe old age, and only one-in-one-hundred-thousand was an economic success (Utopia, p. 340). Consequently the concept of failure has been nearly hardwired into human consciousness. Most people seem addicted to the fear/failure/scarcity paradigm, and ideas of abundance are literally outside their universe of possibility. Also, people often subscribe to ideologies that short-circuit their awareness, blinding them to what is really happening. The quickest dialogue-ender I have ever experienced regarding my work is people telling me they are “skeptical” that free energy is even possible, and I respond with the offers we received to cease our pursuit of free energy, the last one being at least one billion dollars. I do not even get back, “I do not believe you, give me evidence of your offer” (our treatment was pretty standard, as I eventually discovered, but more extreme, because we were more “threatening,” as far as being able to deliver alternative/free energy). When I mention the offers we received, I receive pure silence as their response, virtually every time. Why? Steve thinks it is because if they acknowledged that situation, it would shatter their comforting fantasies of how this world operates. The radical left, with its “conspiracy phobia,” has virtually never responded to my work, even from those who say they are looking for answers. Even Noam Chomsky says that earth’s rulers would rather destroy the planet than give up their “power.”
Wade Frazier
Of course, as a futurist, I still believe that the long-range future is away from the need or even the possibility of any kind of full employment, or anything even vaguely approaching full employment.
of the University of Hawaii at Manoa


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