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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 409-413

Our economic system has also taken a toll on the people. Too many hours at a stressful workplace with too little sleep have burned many of us out. Our thinking and identity are about our jobs, not our spirit and character. Our values are devoted to markets with many of us placing making money over loving and caring for families and others. And there's no time for that stuff anyway.

We have become consumers instead of citizens and humans. Decades of falling wages, decreasing savings and increasing debt have tapped us out. Consumption has used us up. And we’re fed up.

So things reached a breaking point and broke down. This has been coming at us for decades. And here we are.

If this economic collapse was the consequence of decades of an unsustainable economic model, then what do we do?
Our Economy Has Failed -- It's the Reaganomics, Stupid!
By Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future.
Posted July 28, 2009

The accepted, official version of anything is most likely false. All
authority is based on fraud.
Kenneth Rexroth

All of my life I have thoroughly enjoyed working… The worst punishment for
me would have been if my work had been taken away.
Rudolf Höss
Commandant at Auschwitz

The only people really suffering in the financial ruins of Wall Street are 99% of the populace, the poor and "middle class," the ones that got suckered into a system where only a handful of business executives actually prosper, and ultimately everyone else gets buried underneath the rubble of market bubbles as they continually burst.
NYT Invites You to Shed a Tear For the Super-Rich (While Reminding You How Much We Need Them)
Posted by Allison Kilkenny, True/Slant
on August 21, 2009

Ruffle the skirts of prudes
speak of their knees and ankles
But above all, go to practical people
Say that you do no work
And that you will live forever
Ezra Pound,
Salutation The Second


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