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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 535-537

The short summary is that men want to spend more time with their kids and are paying more attention to employers who are offering more work place flexibility. Half the dads surveyed said they’d consider switching jobs to an employer who offers more work place flexibility, while 56% said they’d take a 10% pay cut to spend more time with their kids. A surprising 71% said they feel guilty missing family obligations for work. So much for the theory that there is only “mommy guilt.”
Men’s Work/Life Balance Blog

The Country Of Everyday: Death, Death

By Tom Wayman

Why is there so much here about death? Because the face is a
behind which is a jar of fluid and water:
a bottle of muck. When the bones of the face
are pushed in, the skull is forced out at the back.
A substance pours out of the flesh
And spreads in wet lumps over the ground.
Sometimes the chin is still recognizable, as in
a photograph of a logging truck accident.
Sometimes you can tell which part was the forehead
as when a drill bangs back, catching the operator
under what were his eyes.
There is so much of death, because Rae says
on the Portage Mountain Dam they were told
the company budgeted for one hundred twenty men to die
during construction. And not a single executive
was expected to perish from ulcers or heart attack
during the whole of the project.
And the monthly totals, Rae said
fell far below the projecting figures
the foreman began cutting the weekly safety meetings
and advising crew chiefs do the same.
And one of Rae's friends was killed at the damsite.
And as they had all made a pact to get drunk
if any of them die,
they all went out and got stinking together
and it only took Rae seven beers.
There is so much of death, because
there is a demolition man who was caught
as a house wall broke in, when they had shored it up
with the cheap two-by-fours, provided by the company.
And he jumped out a window, and his friend
working inside with him didn't and was crushed.
And he said: "The stupid son-of-a-bitch waited too long
deciding what to do. It was his own fault."
Death, death because there is a war on, and
one side is losing.

Liberal or conservative, money is what we care about -- period. From birth, the empire has made one thing very clear to us: If you do not produce or acquire enough of the green stuff, meet the quota, you will be ground beneath the heel of the machine we call a society. No universal health insurance or higher education, no guaranteed minimum income, no worker rights, nothing for you suckers but the tab. So keep humping.
Joe Bageant
Blogging toward the Kingdom


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