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Monday, March 14, 2011

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 641-644

The CEO of the company I work for got a six-figure bonus while the rest of us were told to work harder and generate ideas to make the company "more competitive in the marketplace" or other such business-speak drivel that my co-workers seem to eat up. No bonuses, no raises.

Labor automation through technology is at the bottom of every social transformation in human history.
Peter Joseph

what happens when peoples’ jobs are automated in a world where money is life? Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat, otherwise we get along. If every citizen were given an automatic stipend sufficient to support a modest life, thefts would plummet. You might complain about taxes or wealth redistribution, but mark my words, you are already taxed and your wealth is already redistributed: every time you shop, you pay a markup to offset theft, a highly inefficient and twisted dark-world version of basic income which rewards the unscrupulous.

Innovation Needs Basic Income

Conventional laboratories and research provide incremental progress, but they suffer diminishing returns. Bound by the need to put food on the table, would-be innovators are forced to take the cautious road. Real innovation needs thinking outside the box, and it is inherently risky and dangerous. Basic Income is needed so that people can pursue their ideas without the horrible prospect of losing the game of capitalism. Sure, most ideas will lead nowhere, but the occasional idea will revolutionize everything. In our society, when an idea leads nowhere, it’s a financial disaster. As teachers are being laid off, universities are hiring fewer professors, and automated education looms troublingly on the far horizon, there are fewer and fewer fallback positions for the failed innovator, and without a guaranteed stipend, doing anything new or risky will become increasingly suicidal. We need to avoid that, and provide a fertile environment for innovation, by guaranteeing everybody we won’t let them go hungry if their idea doesn’t pan out.
Ten reasons for guaranteed minimum income


Use a portion of income taxes to just simply pay us a $50,000 per year dividend instead of sending our taxes down an unresponsive government bureaucracy sinkhole.


We get more productivity from people doing leisure activities than jobs. Machines should do all the jobs and people should do all the leisure activities. Use existing automation technology to immediately eliminate the need to do 70% of all the jobs we do and make working a job optional.
Demand The Good Life


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