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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 666-667

Women express a greater desire than men to maintain what they consider a healthy balance between work and life outside their job.

Yes, that’s it.

Did you catch that?

Women simply don’t want to sell our soul to all the B.S. that comes with fitting into the traditional business model. (Key word there being traditional.)

I don’t see this shift as a bad thing, or a sad thing, or some huge problem that needs to be addressed. I see it as a celebration that women are standing up for what we want. We simply want to choose where, when, and how we want to work. And the traditional, male-designed workplaces don’t offer this option. That’s why women are running away in droves from climbing the corporate ladder.
 They are creating their own definitions of success.

Women are leading the change for combining business with humanity, with family, with—dare I say it—love.

Don’t get me wrong… I applaud the women who paved the way up the corporate ladder. They showed us anything was possible, and women are still sorely needed at the top of our nation’s corporations.

But I’m seeing more women than ever choose something different.

Something better.
Are Women Less Tolerant of the Bullshit That Comes With “Success”?
Ali Brown

Our way of life is a crock of shit. Two people slaving in the most meaningless, excruciatingly mind-numbing jobs for the benefit of stock owners frequently cannot afford a life with security and autonomy. They live in worry about how to pay the bills. They spend their days doing what they're told by some jackass who doesn't give a damn about them, and probably barely cares about the company they all work for.


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