Jack Saturday

Monday, October 10, 2011

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 719-721

Beginning with what ruins our lives: work and its pointlessness (upon taking stock we concluded that 90% of this society’s productions are useless bullshit), its miserable wages, its hierarchies, its daily horror; and the wretchedness and boredom of unemployment, which we came to realize is merely the flip side of work, a threat held over the heads of workers, forcing them to submit to the economic blackmail.

Antigovernment protests continued in Yemen, and
at least eleven protesters were killed in Syria. In
Manchester, 20,000 marched in protest of British
austerity plans; in Lisbon, tens of thousands rallied
against Portuguese austerity measures; in Athens,
protesters blocked the entrance to Greece's finance
ministry in an effort to stall talks on civil-service
wage cuts; and in New York City, more than 700
protesters were arrested during demonstrations against
Wall Street greed.
Harper's Weekly
October 4, 2011

With its endless propaganda the Moneyed Master has caused its slaves to believe they are free. But when that cruel hoax is ripped bare of its deceitful cloth and stands naked before the people, and when enough of the people sleep under the bridges and their children’s bellies swell from hunger then one day it will be too late for the Master. Suddenly, without warning, the people will rise up in explosive unison like a long sleeping volcano. Raging and turmoil will ring across the canyons of the streets and blood will flood the streets, and the people will at last prevail.


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