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Monday, January 23, 2012

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 764-766

Between 70 and 80 percent of Americans report rudeness and incivility at work, Herschcovis told LiveScience. Fewer are systematically bullied, she said, but the best estimate puts the number at about 41 percent of American workers having been psychologically harassed at work at some point.
Your bullying boss may be slowly killing you

by Catherine Shaw

This, superiors,
is to offer you
my resignation.
Too many years have passed
without recompense
and without sentience
too many days,
each one vacant
as the bare vestibule
I pass through
day after hollow day
from or to
the circle of sorry labor
I inhabit,
my subordination.
Automaton, I
go about my work
in mindless quietude,
totting up numbers,
filling out forms,
stacking and stapling-
so efficient!-
but watching every minute
on your grey clock
loiter and drag
on its tired trail
to the tired end of day.
And what of
those dear others
who share my circle
and whose faces match
my own encrypted face?
They are not dear.
Away from here,
they live lives
I can't imagine
in small and singular worlds
that have no use for me.
if there's friendship here,
it's made of shallow stuff,
of pleasantries,
enforced equivalence:
the accident of company!
I soon learned
to be on guard against
such amity,
to cultivate
the ingrown point-of-view,
pruning away
those shoots of anger
and intelligence
that would expose to me
the baseness
of your hierarchy.
It's just as well.
I may be dwarfed
but how much worse
to flare up in my insignificance
and be unheard
and change nothing
and destroy only me.
"I will seek work elsewhere!"
That has been my quest:
a foolish enterprise,
a grail of styrofoam at best.
Wherever I go,
I find your duplicate:
vestibule, paperwork,
watched clocks
and grey-eyed vacancy
What's the good of going?
I'm too weary now
to take my future in my hands
and forge another way.
This, superiors,
is to offer you my resignation.
I'll stay.

The main problem: There just aren’t enough jobs to go around.


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