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Monday, June 11, 2012

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 826 -828

 Why has education been exempt from genuine competition and consumer feedback for so long? Because at every level it's riddled with abuses of rank. While the teacher-pupil relationship that lies at the heart of learning is inherently hierarchical, this presents no problem so long as the teacher's authority is confined to his or her area of expertise and put at the service of student interests. But when administrators and educators substitute their own goals for learners' interests. Motivation wilts. Students assume the passive-aggressive posture of the prisoner or slave.
Robert W. Fuller
Somebodies and Nobodies

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 Madeleine Bunting's acutely observed UK statistic - that more time is lost to the 'sickie' than was ever lost in the heyday of industrial dispute in the seventies - is a sign that the revolt against work is already under way in an individualized but concerted fashion: a silent collective withdrawal from the necessities of work which we would not do out of free choice. But does it always have to be made in private, covertly, in bad faith and through evasion? Or could governments and business see the writing on the wall and concede the inevitable - that the ever-more potentialized and individualized 'worker' wants to put work in its place; only one of the moments of existence, and not a forced labour, not the source of a personal identity, writes Paolo Virno.
Pat Kane
The Play Ethic

 While Bhutan's GDP remains among the worlds lowest, life expectancy increased by 19 yrs from 1984 to 1998. Perhaps therefore money and income should be thought of as secondary to a general notion of happiness. Money fuels competition, insecurities and ultimately stress. Increasing happiness means increasing one's sense of empowerment and freedom over the choices they make while, at the same time, ensuring they have the support structure to back these choice (whether families, friends, society or government). A combination of basic human rights and basic human necessities may therefore be what is necessary for 'health, life and dignity.'
Guaranteed Livable Income
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