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Monday, November 12, 2012

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 899-901

I would guess that a population scrambling to make it on time to their third job has less time to think of how unjust their society is.

no time to protest (sorry occupy iowa... i could only make it to one event)

no time to teach their kids morals, how to love

no time to investigate what really happened because you sure cant trust the main stream media

I just know one thing for sure; eventually we will all be unemployed in about 50 years due to automation. what then?
comment on
How Less Work for Everybody Could Solve a Lot of Our Economic Turbulence and Make Life More Pleasant

With the Protestant hegemony fading, let us project a similar demise for the simplistic, planet-threatening credo known as the "Protestant Ethic." …
In fact, hard work by itself leads to exhaustion, without often gaining a livable wage.
Why the Protestant Work Ethic Is a Menace to Society
By Robert S. Becker

Rather than the “deserving” or “working” poor, with its connotations of moral judgment and authoritarian social control, it is time to begin speaking the language of economic and social rights. For instance, the right to a Universal Basic Income, a means of living at a basic level that would be provided to everyone, no questions asked. Against the invidious politics of the work ethic, it’s time to argue that some things should be granted to everyone, simply by virtue of their humanity.
Hipsters on Food Stamps
by Peter Frase
Jacobin Magazine

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