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Monday, March 25, 2013

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 958-960

These systems managers believe nothing. They have no loyalty. They are rootless. They do not think beyond their tiny, insignificant roles. They are blind and deaf. They are, at least regarding the great ideas and patterns of human civilization and history, utterly illiterate. And we churn them out of universities. Lawyers. Technocrats. Business majors. Financial managers. IT specialists. Consultants. Petroleum engineers. “Positive psychologists.” Communications majors. Cadets. Sales representatives. Computer programmers. Men and women who know no history, know no ideas. They live and think in an intellectual vacuum, a world of stultifying minutia. They are T.S. Eliot’s “the hollow men,” “the stuffed men.”    Chris Hedges
The Careerists

[emphasis JS]

 JOBS – according to the decrees of Money, the unelected ruler of the Known Universe – are what we must have in order to:
a) be happy
b) make a worthwhile contribution to the economic growth of the nation
c) satisfy an inner desire to serve others
d) not be seen by our friends and relatives as work-shy
e) earn money, which allows us buy lots of things to make us happy
f) have a bit left over at the end of the week, which allows us to buy lottery tickets in the hope that we can suddenly become rich.
Being rich is the ultimate goal, because it allows you to be happy without all the palaver of having to have a job.
marcus moore

Then would come the third and final stage,- you can call it the age of leisure - or the age of abundance. With a surfeit of consumption goods, people would start swapping greater consumption for greater leisure. The world of work would recede. This was supposed to be the end point of the economic phase of history.
Government... should institute an unconditional basic income for all citizens. This would aim to improve the choice between work and leisure. Critics say this would be a disincentive to work. That is precisely its merit in a society which should be working less and enjoying life more.
Robert and Edward Skidelsky
Financial Times

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