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Monday, June 03, 2013

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 990-992

Lower those expectations, kids!

The meme of millenials being entitled and spoiled reminds me of talk radio and the cadillac-driving welfare queen. The more you screw someone over the more you have to make up stories to justify why they deserve it. The 30 and under crowd is inheriting a world with more inequality, more debt burden, fewer jobs with fewer benefits, chronically dysfunctional government, slashed social services and a very precarious future.
Millennials: The Worst, Most Entitled, Most Spoiled Generation in the History of Humankind?

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This automatic identification with duty, role, and responsibility rather than the needs of the self is a major risk factor for chronic illness.
Gabor Mate

Almost half of Americans had NO assets in 2009.

Analysis of  Economic Policy Institute data shows that Mitt Romney's famous  47 percent, the alleged 'takers,' have taken nothing. Their debt exceeded their assets in 2009.

It's Even Worse 3 Years Later

Since the recession, the disparities have continued to grow. An  OECD report states that "inequality has increased by more over the past three years to the end of 2010 than in the previous twelve," with the U.S. experiencing one of the widest gaps among OECD countries. The 30-year  decline in wages has worsened since the recession, as low-wage jobs have replaced formerly secure middle-income positions. 
The Real Numbers: Half of America in Poverty -- and It's Creeping Upward
AlterNet / By Paul Buchheit

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