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Monday, November 11, 2013

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1061-1063

I live in a small city that has seen grow from one soup kitchen that offered supper only to expanding to breakfast for children and a growing need for groceries, diapers and dry good items that people cannot otherwise manage easily. We now have more soup kitchens and even shelters than any small city should ever have to deal with.

We once were a thriving manufacturing city. The jobs were often hard, and didn't pay what they should have perhaps, but they provided a living and people managed to keep their heads above water. The jobs are gone.
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Billionaires’ Row and Welfare Lines
Published: October 25, 2013

The concept of growth was put forward as a measure to mobilise resources during the second world war. GDP is based on creating an artificial and fictitious boundary, assuming that if you produce what you consume, you do not produce....nature’s amazing cycles of renewal of water and nutrients are defined into nonproduction. The peasants of the world, who provide 72% of the food, do not produce; women who farm or do most of the housework do not fit this paradigm of growth either. A living forest does not contribute to growth, but when trees are cut down and sold as timber, we have growth. Healthy societies and communities do not contribute to growth, but disease creates growth through, for example, the sale of patented medicine.

Water available as a commons shared freely and protected by all provides for all. However, it does not create growth. But when Coca-Cola sets up a plant, mines the water and fills plastic bottles with it, the economy grows. But this growth is based on creating poverty – both for nature and local communities. Water extracted beyond nature’s capacity to renew and recharge creates a water famine. Women are forced to walk longer distances looking for drinking water.
How Economic Growth Has Become Anti-Life
Vandana Shiva
Common Dreams

It’s every employer’s worst nightmare. An angry employee with a gun takes out his revenge on a boss, coworkers or both.

 Last year, Andrew J. Engeldinger did it when he killed five and injured three after being fired from his job at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis. Lawrence Jones did it when he killed two coworkers and wounded two others at a Fresno chicken processing plant. The year before, Rocky T. Christian, did it when he shot and killed his boss at Build Direct Floor, LLC in Apopka, Florida. Let’s bring guns to work!

 Last year, 375 employees were shot and killed on the job, says the Department of Labor. If you are an employee, you are five times as likely to be shot to death at work if your employer allows guns says an American Journal of Public Health study.
Posted by Martha Rosenberg
October 22, 2013



  • The bosses always think that they deserve to have big bonuses, all kinds of benefits and special treatment.
    So there is nothing wrong with giving them what they deserve...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:52 AM  

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