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Monday, March 10, 2014

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1112-1113

According to the predictions of mainstream (often called “neoclassical”) economists, the 2007-'08 financial crisis wasn’t supposed to happen. I bet it felt pretty real to you, didn’t it? When asked by Congress why he was unable to warn Americans among the coming sh*tstorm, Alan Greenspan offered an uncharacteristic admission: the model he had used to assess the economy for decades was not worth a hill of beans.
By Lynn Stuart Parramore
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Despite tens of trillions of dollars injected into the global economy since 2008 by central banks in the US, UK, Europe, and, most recently Japan, real job creating investment is slowing everywhere globally.
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…many fathers who are no longer satisfied working all week, only to see their children on weekends. He's one of many men who want, despite their dedication to their careers, to be a part of their children's daily life as well -- and who have at their side self-confident, professionally successful women who take it as a matter of course that both parents will participate in raising and caring for their children.
Slowly but surely, it seems, a cultural shift is taking place in Germany. For decades, a family photo on the office desk was the full extent of a man's expression of family friendliness in the work place. Men who made a point of taking care of their children may not have been denigrated as wimps, exactly, but they were certainly seen as strange creatures, acting in opposition to the traditional male role of the hard-working, career-oriented breadwinner.

But those days seem to be over.

By Susanne Amann and Simone Salden
Spiegel Online
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