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Monday, April 28, 2014

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1132-1134

In the emerging economy, there’s no longer any correlation between the size of a customer base and the number of employees necessary to serve them. In fact, the combination of digital technologies with huge network effects is pushing the ratio of employees to customers to new lows (WhatsApp’s 55 employees are all its 450 million customers need).

Meanwhile, the ranks of postal workers, call-center operators, telephone installers, the people who lay and service miles of cable, and the millions of other communication workers, are dwindling — just as retail workers are succumbing to Amazon, office clerks and secretaries to Microsoft, and librarians and encyclopedia editors to Google.
By Robert Reich
via AlterNet

Are you at work right now and totally exhausted? You're probably not alone.

A new survey of 1,139 employees from three companies in the U.S. shows that 76 percent of workers feel tired many days of the week, and 15 percent even fall asleep during the day at least once per week.
Nearly one-third of people in the survey said they were unhappy or very unhappy with their sleep quality or quantity, the survey showed.
Overall, the biggest things keeping people awake at night included worry and stress, physical discomfort, mental activity and environmental disruptors. With regard to worry and stress, they found that common worries included problems with family, deadlines at work, negative things that happened during the day, and being afraid of missing the next morning's alarm.
Amanda L. Chan
The Huffington Post
Posted: 04/25/2014

I have to pay for my own smartphone and all related bills in order to handle on-call - and the company tells me what brands I'm allowed to buy, and with whom I have to contract for the services. If they decide a particular devices is no longer approved I have to buy a new one at my own expense Last year I worked something like three months of overtime, quite a lot of it during on-call. I'm not in management. We all know this is theft, but no-one can afford to complain and get fired.

Now we have SCOTUS declaring that businesses are individuals and that spending money on political races outside of our own districts is "free speech" - but my company regulates what I say on social media - everything from Facebook to LinkedIn and that is legal?

Are we going back to feudal times?
Wage Theft Across the Board
New York Times
APRIL 21, 2014
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