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Monday, July 07, 2014

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1162-1164

I was never so poorly treated, undervalued, underpaid and overworked than as an adjunct professor in three different unversities. This is a shameful system. Universities should be forced to hire consultants such as the authors of this article. Students pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be taught by miserable, angry, exploited people who generally have no voice in university policy, no contract, no benefits or even their own office in which to prepare lessons, correct papers or receive students.
Anne, Woodstock, NY 
Why You Hate Work
New York Times
Sunday Review
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We have the garment industry allowing the poorest amongst us die in overstuffed factories, chemical plants engulfing an entire town in Texas, McDonalds/Walmart steals from their cashiers/janitors, Wall St scams. skims 401Ks with legality, equity locusts harvest pensions under the cover of bankruptcy law, and then some pundit calls this toxic environment the Invisible Hand. It may be invisible but it feels like it punches many of us in the gut as a managemnt strategy.
G. Morris NY and NJ
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Wage Theft Across the Board
New York Times
APRIL 21, 2014

Rather naively, while growing up I did as I was told. There wasn't any reason to question, there was an order to the world and this is what you had to do to live in it. So I went to school, college and then university. I got qualified in information systems management because I had an interest in working with computers. This is the stuff online business runs on, so it seemed like an appropriate choice in the information age. In 2009 I got my degree, despite the recession I set out into what I believed to be the next inevitable step and looked for employment.

The end of 2013 and I am still looking for work... No matter how many jobs are applied for, both in my field or entry level, no one was interested in someone who didn't pop into existence with a couple of years of on the job experience under their belt. In 2010 I managed to get a voluntary administrative role at Remploy, which only lasted a few months as the government cuts shut the factory down. Today I've managed to get volunteer work as a retail assistant in a charity shop since March, but rarely if ever get a response to any job applications; even with the shop experience on the CV. I also do voluntary work helping to dig over beds in the local allotment during weekends, not job seeking related but I enjoy gardening and the one at home is block paved.

The government talks about people such as myself like we're scum, they're only concerned about youth unemployment; which I was once upon a time. We're demonised in the media for not working but I cannot force employers to hire me. They have A4E breathing down my neck, who seem to do nothing to help me find work but threaten to sanction me if I miss one of their useless appointments. I fear for when my time runs out and I'm forced onto the work programme under threat of sanctioning, were I'll likely have to provide free labour for the very companies who never responded to my job applications.
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Why does everyone have to work?
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  • Invisible hand? More like the invisible fist.

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