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Monday, September 15, 2014

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1192-1194

The employment report for August suggests that any remaining hope for an economic upsurge in the second half of 2014 is largely unrealistic. The new data, which shows job creation down sharply last month, is consistent with more of the same sluggish growth that has long been the norm. Plentiful jobs at good pay — the critical underpinning of a strong economy — are still not in the cards.
Jobs Stall and So Does the Economy
New York Times
SEPT. 5, 2014

You know that moment when you’d like to rip her clothes off, and she’s given you the green light, and you are just too tired to care? That job.

Gallup just released a poll that says the average person spends 47 hours at work. When you spend that much of your week doing something, it affects every other aspect of your life. In that moment when you could be experiencing magic, all you can think about is sleeping. In order to get through the horror of those eight hours all over again the next day, you need those precious moments on the pillow. Your work is affecting your sex life one way or another. The affect it has is up to you, and largely the type of job you have. If you are in a job you hate, which is 87% of us, it could destroy your sex life 
[emphasis JS]

We were told to follow our dreams and that hard work would pay off. They lied. By the time you realize this, you are years behind competitors in the job market and/or being raped by student loans. I can live with the lesson of not following my dreams, but the realization that presently your career success is based more on who you know as opposed to your efficiency and competency leaves me pretty much hopeless for a future.
I Should Have Never Followed My Dreams
By David Sobel
Salon via AlterNet


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