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Monday, March 23, 2015

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1274-1276

All taxi drivers, not just the owner-drivers of London's famous black cabs, are under threat of extinction from automation - and they are not alone. A recent study by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne at Oxford University suggests that 47% of all categories of jobs providing employment today could be automated within 20 years.

This research has been widely misreported. Osborne and Frey did not say that 47% of all jobs will be automated but rather that 47% of all categories of jobs may disappear. If you look at the list of categories included at the end of their report it is clear that the total number of jobs under threat is far greater than 47%, simply because many of the categories are large cohorts.

Sweep away the rocket scientists of the world and we would hardly notice the blip. Make all the world's taxi drivers, delivery and distribution drivers, bus drivers, tram drivers, train drivers, street cleaner drivers and garbage truck drivers redundant and you get an unemployment problem that will destroy economies and cause serious, global social problems. There are more than four million people driving trucks, taxis, limos and buses in the USA alone.

Forget the economy: the "future of work" is the key issue in this election
By: The Leader @theleaderspeaks
Published: Monday, March 9, 2015

1800-2000, global population increased 6 times. Over the same period, the total amount of wealth produced increased 49 times…most of this wealth went to a few at the expense of the many.
Power and Powerlessness

Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold. 
Joseph Chilton Pearce


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