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Monday, September 21, 2015

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1352-1354

There’s something missing from the B.C. economic picture. A quarterly report released Tuesday shows enough generally positive indicators that the government continues to plan balanced budgets for the next three years. Retail sales are booming, the real estate market is hot and the economic growth rate is on the upswing.

But where are all the new jobs?

This month is the fourth anniversary of the B.C. Jobs Plan, the Liberals’ determined effort to set the table for hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the long haul.

Four years into that ambitious, multi-faceted employment drive, even Finance Minister Mike de Jong had to concede the numbers aren’t where the B.C. Liberals would like them to be.

“It’s not achieved the level of growth and employment that we are striving to achieve. I think everyone in government would acknowledge that,” he said while discussing the quarterly report.

The report makes that clear. “Employment activity has been modest during the first seven months of 2015,” it states, citing a half per cent bump compared to last year.

That’s about 11,600 more jobs. It breaks down as a gain of 39,600 full-time jobs, offset by a loss of about 28,000 part-time jobs.

On the scale originally envisioned in the jobs plan, that’s peanuts.
Jobs bonanza has failed to materialize
Les Leyne 
Victoria Times Colonist
September 15, 2015

 For many Americans, life has become all competition all the time. Workers across the socioeconomic spectrum, from hotel housekeepers to surgeons, have stories about toiling 12- to 16-hour days (often without overtime pay) and experiencing anxiety attacks and exhaustion. Public health experts have begun talking about stress as an epidemic.
The problem is even more acute for the 42 million women in America on the brink of poverty.
A Toxic Work World
New York Times
SEPT. 18, 2015

The value of life is life, I suddenly felt. For the first time I really understood that we aren't here just to do a job, but, as the sages have often told us, also to be. Darkness falls fast, after all.
Bonnie Friedman,
Surrendering Oz



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