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Monday, July 24, 2017

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1642-1644

The looter elite systematically exports jobs, skills, knowledge, technology, retaining at home chiefly financial manipulation expertise: highly profitable, but not of actual productive value. Through “productivity gains” and speedups, it extracts maximum profit from domestic employees; then, firing the surplus, it claims surprise that the great mass of people lack purchasing power to buy up what the economy can still produce (or import).
Ernest Callenbach,
Last Words to an America in Decline (2012)

 We will have more and more people who will not need to work. The symptom of this problem is the employment thing. How is it different if we succeed in creating an economy that can provide the basics for everyone without them having to do anything and people who do not have to do anything due to the efficiency and luck of a grandparent? The situations are identical and we had better get use to it.
Unemployment is not a problem but a goal. By eliminating scarcity we all succeed. The problem is how to allocate the resources so that everyone has the opportunity to work less and do more of what they want. We definitely are being stupid by forcing people to work and punishing them for it while allowing, even honoring, people who live on capital gains.
Yes, we have this backwards
Mike Meyer
[emphasis JS]

 The requisite jobs don’t exist, and almost half of those that do don’t pay enough to live on (much less build anyone’s character). The United States may be the indispensable nation, but it is clearly a less-developed country—a place where hard labor means a prison sentence, not a living wage, and work means economic impoverishment, not moral possibility.
Why Work?
Bran Dougherty-Johnson
The Baffler


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