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Monday, October 23, 2006

Anti-Job, Pro-Freedom Quote Of The Week 99 plus

Tom King, Indians and Corporations

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...the following statement by Ohiyesa (Santee Sioux) Charles Eastman: “The tribe claimed the ground, the rivers and the game; only personal property was owned by the individual, and even that, it was considered a shame to greatly increase. For they held that greed grew into crime, and much property made men forget the poor....Without a thought of same or mendicancy, the young, helpless and aged all were cared for by the nation that, in the days of their strength, they were taught and eager to serve. And how did it work out? Thus: Avarice, said to be the root of all evil, and the dominant characteristic of the European races, was unknown among Indians, indeed it was made impossible by the system they had developed” (Windwalker, 2002)

the Quechua Luis Espinoza has said: “Happiness is our natural condition and the main symptom of being in our right place.”
Frank Bracho

In the History of the Americas


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