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Friday, December 22, 2006

Anti-Job, Pro-Freedom Quote Of The Week 107, plus

In those days, Coke really did have coke!

Santa hallucinates...

Isn't it funny that at Christmas something in you gets so lonely for - I don't know what exactly, but it's something that you don't mind so much not having at other times.
Kate L. Bosher

Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Holiday Season, that very special time of year when we join with our loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions such as trying to find a parking space at the mall. We traditionally do this in my family by driving around the parking lot until we see a shopper emerge from the mall, then we follow her, in very much the same spirit as the Three Wise Men, who 2,000 years ago followed a star, week after week, until it led them to a parking space.

Dave Barry

The kingdom [of heaven] is spread upon the earth, but people do not see it.
Jesus, Thomas Gospel


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