Jack Saturday

Friday, December 01, 2006

Up-stream to die


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Helen Caldicott


Katherine Kelley Taylor

Little brown bear
Went up-stream to die.
Where the alders bend,
The water-lilies lie,
They heard little brown bear whimper and cry.

They had seen the man;
There was time to run.
The rabbits and the foxes,
They had seen the gun.
Little brown bear lay asleep in the sun.

Slowly by the field
Where the blackberries grew,
Softly by the hollow
Where he lay new,
Close by his mother the late spring through:

Little brown bear
Cried and snuffled.
Past the berries
He lurched and shuffled
Along the stream where the shade lay ruffled.

Where the willows dip
And the birds go by,
Where the rabbits run
And the foxes lie
Little brown bear lay down to die.


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