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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 441-444

Joe is an insurance analyst. He gets up very early and drives to work, further congesting the already overcrowded morning rush. During the drive, his car pumps poison into the air. At work, he alternates between slacking off and doing insurance analysis, with an emphasis on the former but always with great care to look busy. What little analysis he performs is used by the company to maximize profits through tiny tweaks to peoples’ insurance rates. Finally he goes home, his car pumping more toxin into the world. Exhausted, he watches some TV and hits the sack.
Societal contribution: FAIL.
That same day, Joe’s neighbor Bob calls in pretending to be sick. Instead of working, he throws a potluck and invites lots of friends who live nearby. At the get-together, new friendships are formed, connections are made. People laugh and talk about everything under the sun. Guests are introduced to new types of food and music. Both of them a little buzzed, Bob ends up hooking up with that nice girl down the street after the party. In short, everyone has a really cool time.
Societal contribution: KACHING!
How To Contribute To Society
Sam Alexander

I did what I thought I was supposed to do. A bachelors degree, part of a masters degree. Then a series of ladder climbing, mind-numbing, thankless corporate jobs in my field. Then layoffs...then corporate burn-out.
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Unemployed? More like funemployed
Globe And Mail

Jason Rodriguez, an unemployed man in Florida, entered the engineering firm where he used to work and shot six people, killing one, then drove to his mother's house, where he was arrested. "I'm just going through a tough time right now,"
he told a police officer. "I'm sorry."
Harper’s Weekly
November 10, 2009


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