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Monday, July 09, 2012

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 838-840

The majority of law grads now wind up deeply in debt and jobless.
The Ones We've Lost: The Student Loan Debt Suicides
C. Cryn Johannsen

Both candidates are only tinkering at the edges of the most important issue facing the United States: the hollowing out of the employment marketplace, the disappearance of mid-level jobs.

The issue of the disappearing middle is not new, but credible economists have added a more threatening twist to the argument: the possibility that a well-functioning, efficient modern market economy, driven by exponential growth in the rate of technological innovation, can simultaneously produce economic growth and eliminate millions of middle-class jobs.
The Hollowing Out
New York Times
July 8, 2012

(emphasis JS)

I have gained nothing by the enlargement of my world, on the contrary, I have lost. I want to become more and more childish and pass beyond childhood in the opposite direction. I want to go exactly contrary to the normal line of development, pass into a superinfantile realm of being which will be absolutely crazy and chaotic but not crazy and chaotic as the world about me. I have been an adult and a father and a responsible member of society. I have earned my daily bread. I have adapted myself to a world which never was mine. I want to break through this enlarged world and stand again on the frontier of an unknown world which will throw this pale, unilateral world into shadow. I want to pass beyond the responsibility of fatherhood to the irresponsibility of the anarchic man who cannot be coerced nor wheedled nor cajoled nor traduced. I want to take as my guide Oberon the night rider, who, under the spread of his black wings, eliminates both the beauty and the horror of the past. ...even if I must become a wild and natural park inhabited only by idle dreamers I must not stop to rest here in the ordered fatuity of responsible adult life.
Henry Miller, Tropic Of Capricorn


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