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Monday, July 08, 2013

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1005-1007

 Manufacturing Gains Strength, but Hiring in Sector Stays Weak

Published: July 1, 2013

Most [people] have the ridiculous notion that anything they do which produces an income is work — and that anything they do outside ‘working’ hours is play. There is no logic to that.
Your life is too short and too valuable to fritter away in work.

    If you don’t get out now, you may end up like the frog that is placed in a pot of fresh water on the stove. As the temperature is gradually increased, the frog feels restless and uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to jump out. Without being aware that a chance is taking place, he is gradually lulled into unconsciousness.

    Much the same thing happens when you take a person and put him in a job which he does not like. He gets irritable in his groove. His duties soon become a monotonous routine that slowly dulls his senses. As I walk into offices, through factories and stores, I often find myself looking into the expressionless faces of people going through mechanical motions. They are people whose minds are stunned and slowly dying.
Lewis Hyde
[thanks to Maria Popova]
[emphasis JS]

A survey by Ipsos Reid revealed that one in three working Canadians felt that “delivering results in their organization was more important than doing the right thing.” Furthermore, 22% of respondents said they felt they had to compromise their personal ethics to keep their job.
According to the survey, ethical breakdowns in the workplace vary.  For example, 28% of respondents said they have seen the misuse of company property; 25% said they saw harm to employees; 17% said they’ve witnessed violations of privacy; 17% involved fraud; 13% witnessed conflicts of interest; 9% knew about bribery or corruption; 12% observed environmental violations and 11% reported they had knowledge of sketchy financial reporting.
Canadians see misconduct in workplace, but few are reported: study
Theresa Tedesco
Financial Post

[emphasis JS]


  • Jack, thought you might get something out of this post from Gawker about yet more horror stories from the workers at Wal-Mart:

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