Jack Saturday

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fresco on Poetry And Art

Jacque Fresco 1 min 54 sec

When the poets and artists get onside with you, Jacque, you might find the impasse of consciousness-raising beginning to attenuate. You may not need art to create infrastructure and supply necessities, but you may need it to get people onside with you. And once you replant the roots of this human occupation of the biosphere, then there will come a great flowering - as there was in the European Renaissance - both of scientific discovery/invention, and poetic/artistic. Root and flower.

Fresco is right: survival comes first: but the poets and artists have to help convince people. Hearts and minds: Your heart got you into this, Jacque, and your mind got to work. I'd like to have seen Fresco and Joe Campbell together.
Jack  Saturday


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