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Monday, October 07, 2013

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom #Quotations Of The Week 1045-1047

With New York City’s homeless population in shelters at a record high of 50,000, a growing number of New Yorkers punch out of work and then sign in to a shelter, city officials and advocates for the homeless say. More than one out of four families in shelters, 28 percent, include at least one employed adult, city figures show, and 16 percent of single adults in shelters hold jobs.

Mostly female, they are engaged in a variety of low-wage jobs....
Now the number of shelter residents hovers around 50,000, according to the city’s Department of Homeless Services. More than 9,000 are single adults and more than 40,000 other residents are in families, including 21,600 children. The average monthly cost for the government to shelter a family is more than $3,000; the cost for a single person is more than $2,300.
unable to afford more than $1,000 for rent, she has not been able to land an apartment.
In New York, Having a Job, or 2, Doesn’t Mean Having a Home
New York Times
Published: September 17, 2013
[emphasis JS]


But in your mind all I do
Is keep wandering and gathering, spear chucking and dancing
You imply I must prove to you that I deserve freedom
Well I deserve freedom
Freedom Suite,
Young Disciples 

Thanks to perched in London @cityeyrie


A MILLION young workmen straight and strong lay stiff on the grass and roads,
And the million are now under soil and their rottening flesh will in the years feed roots of blood-red roses.
Yes, this million of young workmen slaughtered one another and never saw their red hands.
And oh, it would have been a great job of killing and a new and beautiful thing under the sun if the million knew why they hacked and tore each other to death.
The kings are grinning, the kaiser and the czar—they are alive riding in leather-seated motor cars, and they have their women and roses for ease, and they eat fresh-poached eggs for breakfast, new butter on toast, sitting in tall water-tight houses reading the news of war.
I dreamed a million ghosts of the young workmen rose in their shirts all soaked in crimson … and yelled:
God damn the grinning kings, God damn the kaiser and the czar.
Carl Sandburg

{emphasis JS]


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