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Monday, October 20, 2014

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1207-1209

[M]ore than 90 percent of female restaurant workers experienced sexual harassment, with more than half reporting incidents on a weekly basis. 
“I was a restaurant worker over 30 years ago and here’s the tragic story,” Ms. Ensler said at the rally, “absolutely nothing has changed. We cannot end sexual violence against women unless we understand the role of economic violence, which is perpetuated by a sub-minimum wage for tipped and overwhelmingly female workers.” 
New York Times
OCT. 17, 2014

A hell of a lot of printshop owners suck and are assholes. It is difficult and high pressure work but these clowns make it worse. They think you live in order to work instead of working in order to live. What! you will not work overtime every workday of the week so you don't get home before nine o'clock every week night. Out with you! Next victim please.
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I Should Have Never Followed My Dreams
By David Sobel
Salon via AlterNet

Unhappy economies, it turns out, are all unhappy in the same way. A recent report on job markets globally showed that too few jobs are being created worldwide, and even fewer good jobs are.
Report on G-20 Labor Markets Finds Too Few Jobs Worldwide
New York Times
SEPT. 19, 2014


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