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Monday, November 24, 2014

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1222-1224

Obviously, we can't make things naturally in unnatural surroundings. We can't do things properly unless we are properly fed and properly housed. We must also be properly equipped with the necessary tools, and then left alone to get on with the job.
Herbert Read
To Hell With Culture

 The moral equality of men [sic] is an a priori assumption which cannot be affected by variations in their capacity to make themselves useful in the processes of economic production. A society truly committed to recognizing such equality would not discriminate against the unemployed, or unskilled, or persons deemed to have a low IQ, since IQ is itself a measure of a set of attributes that derive their utility from the demands of industrial society.
Edgar Z. Friedenberg.

The Disposal Of Liberty And Other Industrial Wastes

Edgar Rice Burroughs' extraordinary fantasy Tarzan Of The Apes, which appeared first in 1912. Something in the neighbourhood of fifty million copies of these books - there are several of them - have been sold, in sixty languages. They are fantasy-books; their author was a man who was a failure in business, and wrote - in the beginning - to give rein to his stifled imagination.
Robertson Davies
Thunder Without Rain

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