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Monday, April 20, 2015

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1286-1288

A bushel's as good as a peck to most folks outside the agricultural industry but that doesn't make the New Holland CR10.90's wheat-picking feat any less impressive. It was able to harvest nearly 800 tons of the grain from 198 acres of English farmland in a single workday—all while setting a Guinness world record.

On August 15th, a CR10.90 harvested and shucked 797.656 metric tons of wheat in the span of just eight hours. That's nearly 30,000 bushels of wheat in a single day—that's enough for 2.19 million loaves of bread or fill 1.59 million boxes of Wheaties.
Andrew Tarantola
    [emphasis JS]

The people doing moronic work hate that work, and themselves for having to do it-- and, in time, all those who do not have to do it.
John Holt     

The worker has as much latent sensibility as any human being, but that sensibility can only be awakened when meaning is restored to his daily work and he [sic] is allowed to create his own culture.
Herbert Read
To Hell With Culture, 1943


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