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Monday, August 15, 2016

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1494-1496

Blake’s isolation was — I sometimes think it still is — absolute. It was the isolation of a mind that sought to make the best of heaven and earth, in the image of neither. It was isolation of a totally different kind of human vision; of an unappeasable longing for the absolute integration of man [sic], in his total nature, with the universe. It was the isolation of a temperament run on fixed ideas; and incidentally, of a craftsman who could not earn a living.
...the engraver who stopped getting assignments because he turned each one into an act of independent creation.
[emphasis JS]

In a future where automation has taken most human “jobs,” will humans stop working? It all depends on how you define work, says Ray Kurzweil. He favors the idea of a universal basic income to cover the necessities, but he doesn’t think that means we won’t work.

We’ll just do more of the things we’ve always wanted to but didn’t have time.

Once we no longer have to work to live—we can begin to live to work. And then we’ll be
free to engage fully and unabashedly in passionate pursuits, regardless of income. Imagine the innovation and invention that might follow if our whole civilization pursued its highest aspirations instead of spending most of our time working for basic sustenance.
Ray Kurzweil: The Future Offers Meaningful Work, Not Meaningless Jobs

By Andrew O'Keefe

Aug 11, 2016

[emphasis JS]

 There’s something dangerous happening to millions of Americans nationwide. It is happening in places where many people spend at least 40 hours a week. It is causing severe physical and mental illness. It runs off fear and manipulation. But its victims are not talking it about. 

So what is it?

Work abuse.

Look around the average American workplace and it’s not too hard to find. Twenty-seven percent of all adult Americans report experiencing work abuse and an additional 21 percent of Americans report witnessing it, meaning some 65 million Americans have been affected. ...

In their book, Wyatt and Hare, who was a work abuse victim, call the majority of workplaces (95 percent) “authoritarian work organizations.”

“These are places that have, to some degree or another, a slave-to-slave-owner mentality operating,” Wyatt said.
How to deal with your narcissistic bullying boss before you get PTSD

Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet
10 Aug 2016



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