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Monday, November 21, 2016

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1537-1539

In real, energy-time, know-how accounting of wealth, the planet earth’s four billion billionaires [1981] have not yet been notified of their good fortune. Their heritage probating is being postponed by the lawyers for the now inherently obsolete power-structures of all kinds - religious, political, financial, professional, and academic - all of which exploitative systems are organized only to take biased advantage of all scarcities, physical and metaphysical.
R. B. Fuller,
Critical Path

The mass of humanity is subjected to the labor processes for the purposes of those who control it rather than for any general purposes of “humanity” as such. In thus acquiring concrete form, the control of humans over the labor process turns into its opposite and becomes the control of the labor process over the mass of humans.
Harry Braverman,
Labor And Monopoly Capital, 1974

 A fourth lie of rentier capitalism is the claim that profits reflect managerial efficiency and returns from risk-taking. In reality, the increased profit has gone to those receiving rental income, much of it linked to financial assets, IP rights and the edifice of subsidies given to capital.

To top it off, the undemocratic ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) process gives multinationals insurance against changes in government policies deemed to affect their profits. Imagine us having the right to sue governments if we thought changes in policies affected our incomes.

And so we come to the fifth lie of rentier capitalism: the claim that work is the best route out of poverty. The army of taskers and the precariat in general stand testament to that lie.

In sum, the challenge is to achieve Keynes’ euthanasia of the rentier. It will be a struggle, but it is feasible. It requires a new income distribution system, one element of which would be a basic income paid from a levy on all forms of rental income. Without that, a dark age threatens. Politics will grow uglier, unless rent-seeking can be curbed and unless the need for basic economic security for all is recognised and met.

The Five Lies Of Rentier Capitalism
by Guy Standing on 27 October 2016
Social Europe

[emphasis JS]


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