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Monday, October 10, 2016

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1518-1520

Mondays are hard days. Not only does the sudden shift between weekend mode and work leave us stressed, but we tend to feel worse about ourselves on Sundays and Mondays. If Fridays are Cinderella ― all carefree and full of hope ― Mondays are the wicked stepmother, crushing our dreams and forcing us to do chores.

How You Feel On Monday Versus How You Feel On Friday, As Told In Comics
Abigail Williams

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 The odds weren’t in my favor. Most likely I’d find myself in the 92 percent of start-ups that go under in three years, trapped like some of my friends — much smarter and better programmers than I’ll ever be — bouncing from failing company to failing company.
Somewhere out there is a coding boot camp with slightly inflated numbers, selling a dream. Their fluorescent halls and cramped bedrooms are filled with the perennially hopeful looking to take the place of those who have already realized this dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to b
I Came to San Francisco to Change My Life: I Found a Tribe of Depressed Workaholics Living on Top of One Another
David Garczynski / Salon
September 18, 2016

 About 43 million Americans, more than 14 million of them children, are still officially classified as poor, and countless others up and down the income ladder remain worried about their families’ financial security.
Millions in U.S. Climb Out of Poverty, at Long Last

New York Times
By PATRICIA Cohen SEPT. 25, 2016

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