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Monday, August 07, 2017

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1648-1650

Ultimately, humans haven’t become completely redundant: while robots may be efficient, they’re also a bit stupid. They do not think, they just act – in accurate, but limited, ways. Humans are still needed to work around robots, doing the jobs the machines aren't able to and fixing them when they get stuck. But this is all set to change, thanks to a new wave of smarter, better value machines that can adapt to multiple tasks. This change will be so significant that it will create a new industrial revolution.
Jeff Morgan
The Independent
Thursday 20 July 2017
Does The Next Industrial Revolution spell the end of manufacturing jobs?

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  "If you don't like this job, there are plenty who can take your place." Workers are no longer participants in the success of the company or institution but its slaves. People are reluctant to challenge any policies that they feel might harm the organization. Bosses can command almost anything, knowing that the workers will have to submit. "Cutbacks" simply mean that you are having three do what six used to do or a teacher managing a class of thirty-five or forty rather than twenty-five.
    Winder, GA
comment on
The Jobless Trap
Published: April 21, 2013
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The best day’s of the week to post your blog articles are Tuesday and Wednesday. I have had hundreds of websites and blogs and across all niches it seems that the most traffic is around on a Wednesday followed closely by a Tuesday. I think this has a lot to do with people being at work and bored and looking for something else to do.
What is the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts?
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