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Monday, March 12, 2018

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1741-1743

Education is not vocational training, because training is not education. Animals and slaves are trained. Men and women are educated. The purpose of education is not a job--that’s the purpose of apprenticeship--or the housing of its students or the entertainment of its alumni or the national defense or the advancement of industry. The purpose of education is human freedom in so far as human freedom may be achievable through the cultivation of the intellect directed to the intelligent judgement of public and private affairs. ...the problem is to keep everything off the campus that has nothing to do with education for human freedom.
Milton Mayer
The Sellout

The U.S.-China Rivalry Is, More Than Ever, a Fight Over Tech
NYT Headline
March 07, 2018

 In the first days of the Trump administration, Carrier announced the company’s intent to close some Indiana operations and move production to Mexico. But politicians swooped in to save the day, and a deal was struck in which the state offered $7 million (over a decade) in economic development incentives. After a few photo ops with President Trump and other state politicians, interest in the story died down.

Today Carrier has already cut many of its Indiana jobs because the $7 million incentive wasn’t enough to offset the much lower production costs in Mexico. The incentive may have delayed Carrier’s decision long enough to confer some political credit, but many of the “saved” Carrier jobs are now lost.

Spending $7 million for no real impact may sound expensive, but other recent economic development offers are staggering, even for those of us who think we have seen everything. The State of Wisconsin is offering Foxconn $3 billion for electrical-component manufacturing opera
tions. The price tag for Amazon HQ2 is unknown, but the offers will most likely be in the billions for many locations.
Why Are Your State Tax Dollars Subsidizing Corporations?


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