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Monday, December 10, 2018

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1853-1855

2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (final data)

Industry by event or exposure, 2016 (XLSX 78K)

Industry by transportation incidents and homicides, 2016 (XLSX 68K)

Industry by private sector, government workers, and self-employed workers, 2016 (XLSX 65K)

Primary and secondary source of injury by major private industry division, 2016 (XLSX 69K)

Occupation by event or exposure, 2016 (XLSX 46K)

Occupation by transportation incidents and homicides, 2016 (XLSX 45K)

Worker characteristics by event or exposure, 2016 (XLSX 15K)

Event or exposure by age, 2016 (XLSX 28K)

Event or exposure by major private industry division, 2016 (XLSX 31K)

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)
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How tired are you? 
Really, I’m asking. I don’t mean sleepy or exhausted – I’m talking bone tired weary of them.

All of them.

The ones who told you the definition of success, how to raise your children, what to drive, how to furnish your home, what to feed your pet, what disease you’re prone to, what your portfolio should look like, how to find your balance, how to know you’ve found the one, how to know your relationship is over, and the list goes on.

...It’s getting up in the morning, eating what your body really wants to eat, putting on what you really want to wear, and refraining from your morning shoulds of news, email, messages and phone calls at least until you get into your car to begin your day.

Unplugging from them means launching your morning in the way you need to ease into the day. Through music, nature and quiet time if that’s what your soul wants. If your inner longing wants to run, well then run, but if your inner knowing says hell no, let me sit here and drink my coffee and listen to the birds, well then listen.
Is Tired in Your Job Title? Yawn...
December 5, 2018 by Tamara Star
The Good Men Project

Apple’s plans to return an unprecedented $100 billion to investors over the next year through stock buybacks will only exacerbate this pool of passive income and thus directly increase income inequality at a level unknown in recent history. Such a huge buyback is possible because for the last decade Apple has been storing profits in overseas tax havens to the tune of more than $285 billion—cash reserves large enough to meet the International Food Policy Research Institute’s yearly goal to end hunger by 2030 and buy Boeing or McDonalds with what is leftover.
Think Different
Robert Homan
Boston Review

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