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Monday, October 30, 2006

Anti-Job, Pro-Freedom Quote Of The Week 100!

Robert Fulford says 1984

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Freedom of enterprise was from the beginning not altogether a blessing. As the liberty to work or starve it spelled toil, insecurity, and fear for the vast majority of the population. If the individual were no longer compelled to prove himself on the market, as a free economic subject, the disappearance of this kind of freedom would be one of the greatest achievements of civilization. The technological processes of mechanization and standardization might release individual energy into a yet uncharted realm of freedom beyond necessity. The very structure of human existence would be altered, the individual would be liberated from the work world's imposing upon him alien needs and alien possibilities. The individual would be free to exert autonomy over a life that would be his [sic] own. If the productive apparatus could be organized and directed toward the satisfaction of the vital needs, its control might well be centralized, such control would not prevent individual autonomy, but render it possible.

This is a goal within the capabilities of advanced industrial civilization...
Herbert Marcuse
One-Dimensional Man

(note from Jack: too much like work to post on Saturdays here, too much traffic. Mondays could use a little anti-job, pro-freedom sentiment anyway.)


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