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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations 244-245

First of all, I really, really, really need this money. With college going on, with redecoration of the appartment I live in, I really could use this money for much better purpose than I usually do. And this is the first year when I come to work thinking that this could be my last day. Today is August 2nd, and D day is on Tuesday, August 5th. I have exams in September, and I can work till the end of August. And where can I find the job for this 20 days?!?! But, staying at home for this 20 days costs me several hundreds of euros - which is A LOT OF MONEY when you are a student in a poor country. Country that belongs to the Europe continent, but not to the EU. Enough said.BUT, (yes, there is a big “but”), this job sucks. It was ok few years ago, but now everything changed, and it sucks. Everybody notice that. At the outside, everything looks fine, but in the inside… Nothing seems to be working, nothing seems to be ok. Nobody respects me there anymore, I have to say something for about thousand times so somebody would listen to me. I work only half the time I was working the last summer… The place is falling apart, and part of me wants to run away.

Guaranteed and Basic Income concepts have been around for some time but, in this 21st century of globalized markets, they represent income support systems which I believe offer the best mechanism for modern day communities to cope with the impacts of that globalization! Even more importantly, a Basic, Guaranteed and annually funded Income which is actually liveable also heralds the potential to finally free us all from the wage-slave relationship that has dogged capitalism from its inception. Today we are witness to communities everywhere struggling to cope with massive layoffs, plant closures and the economic aftermath of businesses and industries arbitrarily shifting their operations around the planet while attempting to maximize their own survivability in the globalized marketplace.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, whole communities have become increasingly dependent upon employers for their economic well-being. But very few businesses or industries ever wanted the responsibility of providing this particular function. Businesses and industries have always placed their own interests first and foremost, interests which - for the most part - mean the pursuit of ever greater profits while incurring the lowest possible costs. Of course, just like you and I, businesses and industries must always consider their own economic security first, and employees are increasingly being identified as a major cost factor in that decision making process.
William D. Clegg, B.A. Phil.
Member National Anti Poverty Organization


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