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Friday, August 13, 2010

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 556-557

The pathetic, joyless functionary conducting the inquisition asks, “What is your ideal work situation?”, to which the only honest reply would be: “to not have to.” But precarity wins out, and bullshit follows.

There is so much in this wretched civilization that needs to be destroyed. Who can have the patience for it?

“Listen lady” I want to say, “did you hear the trains last night, how they sounded like saxophones? Did you have the suspicion I did that someone timed it so they could wail in freedom while the train passed? Did you find in it testimony to the greatness of the human spirit? Are you aware that there are modular octopus flowers within ten minute’s walk of here? Have you walked this neighborhood drunk at 2 AM with your eyes closed, just smelling the smells? You have? Then let’s get out of this miserable place.
In search of a job…
August 12, 2010

thanks to Anonymous

… why do you think the Repugnicans are so adamantly against a jobs creation package? It would reduce the number of desperate young men and women with no other option than to become killers for the Empire.

I am a Vietnam Vet and I DO NOT support these troops either and I wish they would quit calling them "Heroes" you don't call a Mercenary a "Hero" he is just collecting a paycheck, tell him who you want dead, he kills them, he gets paid, end of story.


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