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Monday, July 25, 2011

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 689-691

There’s an old quotation, attributed to various people, that always comes to mind when I look at public policy: “You do not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed.” Now that lack of wisdom is on full display, as policy elites on both sides of the Atlantic bungle the response to economic trauma, ignoring all the lessons of history.
The Lesser Depression

New York Times
Published: July 21, 2011

Many critics have scoffed at Murdoch’s transformative education rhetoric and his goals to “extend the reach of great teaching.” Is this “philanthropic” initiative to evaluate teachers and students through standardized test scores a testament to his commitment to “great teaching,” or might it reveal a different sort of dedication—one to earning great profit?
AlterNet / By Erica Hellerstein,
July 20, 2011

And, of course, to ever improve the dumbing down of the population. --Jack

  By presenting only protocols, outcome-based education (which is, in reality, mind control or "programming") is the openly stated goal of public schooling, not general, understanding-based education. Our country is populated by the products of this policy of having "only" protocols presented and committed to memory. These "products" are designed to be obedient soldiers, pliable employees, imprudent consumers of goods and services, and otherwise uncritical servants of established corporate and statist interests.
  In not being trained to think critically and creatively, students are programmed in reading and thinking only to the level of abiding to instructions (e.g., reading a procedural manual or slavishly following edicts from "on high" issued by so called authorities).
Unfortunately, this is a mind numbing action which becomes insidiously habituated. To be under the rule of task masters; to be dictated as to what to think by others or via the media; to labor under the illusion of being a well-informed individual; to become a stillborn adult, a life-long adolescent - these are the results of our century old institution. The ideal of self-determination is trampled mercilessly and in its place grows self-alienation. In being aggressively indoctrinated not to think . . . that is, in being programmed against our very nature, is it any wonder most of us live in a constant state of low-level fear and are anxiously disoriented in an ocean of chaos without the ability to judge as to what are appropriate and beneficial goods and values?


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