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Monday, August 29, 2011

Anti Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 698-700

Workers in China’s export heartland of Guangdong make $200 a month assembling the consumer goods Americans hold so dear. In Jiangsu, they make $175. It seems that isn’t cheap enough.
Terry Gou, the founder and chairman of Foxconn, which employs one million workers in China making Apple iPads, H.P. computers and other electronic devices, announced at a company party in Shenzen last month that he would deploy a million robots at his plants by 2013 to do much of the labor currently performed by human hands.
Cheap Robots vs. Cheap Labor
New York Times
Published: August 14, 2011

Most people in analysis are there because nobody has had time to see them or hear them. They’ve spent their lives trying to please somebody else, so they’ve never found their own values.

I am awake now. Wow. How long has it taken me to realize that nobody on this earth has the right to tell me what to do? Oh, there are plenty folk who have bestowed upon themselves the right to say what I should do, and many of these people have had the support of others who also believe in hierarchies. But if I sit with the idea long enough, it becomes unfamiliar. Bosses? Yes, they pay me to produce for them something that will make them more money than they pay me, but that should be the limit of the exchange. How is it that I have been acting as if these folk have some extra power over me? Some mystique.
Now that I am awake, though, I cannot even sell my time to them for money, because they insist on telling me HOW to produce the thing they are buying from me. What's worse, they sometimes set up mini bosses, little replicas of themselves to enforce their idea of optimal labor. Even more deplorable, is that they don't allow me to use my full spectrum of powers on their behalf. They request the least creative or effective products from me. Did I say request? I meant demand to the exclusion of any improvement.
Pesky thing about waking up is that I am going to have to change the entire way I run my life. Because now, the very notion of having a boss is anathema. I just can't do it. Stay tuned for the revolution. Let the fires burn.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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