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Monday, July 16, 2012

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 841-843

Today's schools are vestiges of a world that needed legions of workers to carry out laborious, repetitive tasks. Now, however, we find ourselves on the threshold of an age of information and technology that holds the promise of liberation from drudgery. The educational transformation this requires will be as profound as the one launched by nascent democracies two centuries ago when they realized that their survival depended on what Thomas Jefferson called "the enlightenment of the people" and adopted universal compulsory education. The schools built to serve the needs of the manufacturing age trained a literate workforce that could follow directions and carry out tasks that called for little or no initiative. Real creativity was neither expected nor desired from either blue or white-collar workers. Such conformist schooling can take us no further. It is quite inadequate to the needs of knowledge-based societies in the age of information.
Robert W. Fuller
Somebodies and Nobodies

(emphasis JS)

 It all boils down to a simple empirical question: Is there, or is there not a waged job for everyone who wants one? The answer is a very clear no.
Taking It to the Streets in Spain

Paine favored the preservation of a private-property, market-driven economy, but he argued that its self-destructive dynamism - its tendency to generate wealth by widening the income gap between classes - could be tamed by institutionalizing the basic principle of each person's entitlement to full citizen's rights…  That universal guarantee of a right to a basic citizen's income would then require… contrary to the spirit of the new 1795 constitution - a universal franchise.
John Keane
Tom Paine: A Political Lif

(emphasis JS)


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